Panther XPS

Panther XPS Power Steering System

The Panther XPS Power Steering System by MarineTech Products is a hybrid steering system that combines the durability and dependability of cable steering with the ease of automobile-like power steering.



The Panther XPS Power Steering eliminates the effect of prop torque, allowing for easy maneuvering in tight quarters as well as safe and controlled turns at high speeds.

Because it works with the boat’s cable steering, in the unlikely event of system failure the system will revert to cable steering, allowing the operator to safely return to the home base.


The hose kit contains two hoses—high pressure and low pressure—with fittings. The low-pressure hose is 12″ longer to allow for uninterrupted travel when connected to the cylinder actuator.

Multiple hose lengths are available so you can custom fit the Panther XPS System to your boat. (One hose kit is needed per system.)

Power Steering Fluid

Panther Full Synthetic Power Steering Fluid is engineered specifically for Panther’s Power Steering systems. It is designed for optimal functionality in all seasons of watercraft operations. The full synthetic chemistry and high viscosity index ensure extended life performance across a wide temperature range. Formulated with synthetic base stock and premium additives.   Includes additives to inhibit rust and corrosion and provide excellent anti-wear characteristics.

 Each Panther XPS Power Steering System comes with 2 quarts of specially formulated, fully synthetic hydraulic fluid.


This patented Panther XPS Power Steering System uses stored power by delivering pressurized fluid to the cylinder so the pump only runs when the volume of fluid in the accumulator drops to a predetermined level (typically less than 10% of the engine run time).

Other systems run continuously or when there is ANY steering input to the wheel. Limited run time saves power and reduces the risk of dead batteries.


  • 1,000-hour run test without failure
  • Exceeds ABYC standards
  • Patented design
  • Quiet operation
  • Shorter install times
  • Controlled steering
  • Self-priming with no bleeding hoses
  • No Prop Torque


For optimal performance, the Panther XPS System should be installed on outboard motors from 75 to 300 HP that are equipped with a “feedback” style helm and single cable steering. Installations may be done on boats with a “no-feedback” style helm as well, however, the benefits of the Panther XPS Power Steering will be slightly diminished.

Available as a factory-installed option on Lowe, Lund and Crestliner brand boats.

The XPS is also available for aftermarket installations through your local Marine Dealer.  For more info, email