Motor Lifts, Trim & Tilt

Model 45 Auxiliary Motor Lift

SKU: 550045


Quickly and easily deploy your kicker motor by flipping a switch with the Model 45 Motor Lift. Improvements for 2019 for this already impressive motor lift allow for 20% faster travel from fully raised to deployed position.

With 15.5" of vertical lift, the Model 45 is perfect for boats where a clamp-on kicker motor will be mounted to a tall transom. Rugged construction features 1/4" thick fabricated aluminum plates, heavy-duty black powder-coat paint, and stainless steel hardware. This 12 volt Electro/Hydraulic system includes all wiring (25'), relays and a dash-mounted rocker switch. 

Integral Trim and Tilt Model 25

SKU: 550025 

The Panther Integral Trim and Tilt is designed for use with Johnson and Evinrude, 20HP to 35HP outboard motors, made since 1976. Developed to provide trim and tilt features on motors that don't have factory trim and tilt. In a matter of minutes the Panther Integral Trim and Tilt fastens directly to your exiting motor bracket without modification. The Panther Integral Trim and Tilt offers a patented break-away safety feature, that releases the motor in the event of striking a log or any underwater stationary object. What Motors will the Integral Trim & Tilt work with?

  • Designed to work with Johnson and Evinrude Two-Stroke outboards.

  • Motors made from 1976 to 2004.

  • Horse Power Ratings of 20, 25, 28, 30 and 35.

  • Locking Shallow Water Drive (Flip Switch) must be on the side of the motor not the front.

  • 2-cylinder models only, does not work with 3-cylinder outboards.

Motor Lift Model 35

SKU: 550035 

Wireless Option Available

Make your day on the water just a bit more enjoyable with out straining your muscles trying to raise and lower the auxiliary motor. A simple convenience with major results. The heavy duty bracket easily handles auxiliary outboards up to 35hp or 150 pounds. Kicker motors are supported in any position with this durable design. In addition to its ruggedness, the Model 35 is the only kicker motor lift with a convertible setback. This unit can be adjusted to 13 inches of setback, making it ideal for inboards, I/Os, jet-drives, and outboards when over the transom mounting is unavailable. 

An optional spacer (55-9035) offers an additional three inches of setback for even greater clearance. When it comes to auxiliary motor lifts, the Model 35 sets the standard. Rugged, reliable, and tournament tested.

Trim and Tilt - Model 40 Weekender Series

SKU: 550040 

This trim and tilt is designed specifically for the weekend fisherman. The Model 40 is a heavy duty fabricated aluminum bracket. It will hold 2 and 4 strokes motors up to 150lbs. It’s powerful electro-mechanical actuator provides automatic trim and tilt with the push of a button. Bracket comes with electrical relay and 2 button switch (12ft cord). 

7” setback - weighs 27 lbs

Trim and Tilt Model 55

SKU: 550055

Rugged Trim & Tilt for pontoons and other boats, the compact Trim & Tilt Model 55 conveniently matches outboards from 15hp to 55hp weighing up to 250 pounds. Perfectly designed for pontoons, fishing, or pleasure boats, the Trim & Tilt provides an additional five degrees of negative tuck for improved hole shot.

Adapts to clamp on or bolt-through outboards.
Standard BIA bolt pattern.

Trim and Tilt Model 135

SKU: 550135 

Make your day on the water just a bit more enjoyable with out straining your muscles trying to raise and lower an outboard motor that is not equipped with trim and tilt. A simple convenience with major results. The model 135 is the perfect option for older outboard motors with bad hydraulic trim and tilts, when repair costs are prohibitively expensive. 

The heavy duty bracket is designed for outboards up to 135hp or 350 pounds and it maximizes lifting power (even greater than the outboards tilt range), and it also allows for increased tuck-under to get heavy boats on plane quickly. Adapts to clamp on or bolt-through outboards.

Pro Strap Kicker Tie Down

SKU: 551500 

The Panther Pro-Strap provides hands-free, heavy-duty retention for the Model 35. As the engine is tilted, the strap tightens and secures the motor for extreme, rough water conditions. As the motor is lowered, the two-inch diving belt strap stays secured and tucks to the side. Will fit any auxiliary outboard with a Panther Model 35. Adjustable buckles and stainless clevis are included.

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