Outboard Lock

Panther Outboard Lock is made of heavy-duty carbon steel tubing and fits turnbuckle-mounted engines. The vinyl-clad steel tube slides easily over the motor lock downs and is secured with a hardened brass padlock. Noise dampeners reduce the rattle. The padlock is recessed to deter cutting. Comes with two keys.

Length: 7 inches
Width: 3 inches
Weight: ‎544 g




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Panther Security Systems

Panther Security Systems is an assortment of locks for boaters’ different needs. We offer all-new Lower Unit Locks which ensure your lower unit will be tamper-resistant.  We also offer turnbuckle locks with different strengths and finishes. In addition, we have a lock that mounts on a transom bolt up to 1/2 in (12mm) and is drill resistant.

Lower Unit Locks

Is your boat engine’s lower unit safe from theft? Don’t be fooled, a thief can steal your lower unit in minutes. Protect yourself with The Panther Security Systems’ new tamper-resistant Lower Unit Lock kits. These tamper-resistant bolts and nuts replace your existing lower unit bolt(s) and nut. Both require our unique tamper-resistant tool to install and remove. Each with a unique pin configuration to deter even a professional thief. The high-strength bell washer protects against utilizing any other clamping device to remove the bolt and/or nut, deterring the boldest of thieves.

Available in single, twin and triple-engine configurations. Constructed of marine-grade Stainless Steel for strength and corrosion resistance.

Which Lock is Right for You?

SKU Number Motor TypeImage
75-8310Mercury Verado 150 - 300HP and OptiMax 115-250HP - Single Engine
75-8320Mercury Verado 150 - 300HP and OptiMax 115-250HP - Twin Engine
75-8330Mercury Verado 150 - 300HP and OptiMax 115-250HP - Triple Engine
75-8410 Evinrude 150-300HP - Single Engine
75-8420Evinrude 150-300HP - Twin Engine
75-8430Evinrude 150-300HP - Triple Engine
75-8510Yamaha 150HP and less - 20" Shaft - Single Engine
75-8520Yamaha 150HP and less - 25" Shaft - Single Engine
75-8540Yamaha 150HP and less - 20" Shaft - Twin Engine
75-8550Yamaha 150HP and less - 25" Shaft - Twin Engine
75-8610Yamaha 200HP and up /Honda All - Single Engine
75-8620Yamaha 200HP and up /Honda All - Twin Engine
75-8630Yamaha 200HP and up /Honda All - Triple Engine
75-8710Suzuki 200-300HP - Single Engine
75-8720Suzuki 200-300HP - Twin Engine
75-8730 Suzuki 225-300HP - Triple Engine
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